Data Management

Data Management

Acolyst gains insight of your data through our data intelligence process during the assessment phase. Our experienced strategists and analysts do a deep dive into your current state to identify opportunity areas for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

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Data Conversion & Integration

Data conversion and integration of data in existing systems to the new system solution is a critical component that is overlooked in many projects. The Acolyst approach to data migration is the following:

  1. Determine legacy application data to be migrated into the new solution
  2. Perform analysis on the data to determine items such as data quality, data mapping, conversion and integration rules, issues, cleanup required, and timing
  3. Develop detailed requirements for conversion / integration and project tasks for cleanup, code development, and issue resolution
  4. Review requirements, issues, and project task and obtain customer signoff
  5. Track code development, data cleanup, and issue resolution as tasks in the overall project plan
Data Management

With the Acolyst solution, data in most cases will be migrated into the system using the same rules that would be required of the user if entered online. Acolyst will run the data migration many times in the test environments in order to identify the status of the data cleanup, determine if any key data elements are missing, and to get processing times to work into the overall deployment plan.

Below is a sample Acolyst diagram for a complex client environment that was included in the Data Conversion / Integration Documentation Report to the client as part of the project deliverable.

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