Furniture & Furnishings | Category C

Explore Furniture & Furnishings Subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed below for information on flooring, signs, and fitness equipment, in addition to office, outdoor, classroom, and healthcare furniture, and more. Other examples include benches, bike racks, exit signs, hospital chairs, laminate flooring, and furniture design and layout.

Subcategories SIN Title
Fitness Solutions
SIN 339930 Doll, Toy and Game Manufacturing
SIN 713940 Fitness Center Management Services
SIN 812990 Personal Trainer and Aerobic/Cardio Class Leader/Instructor
SIN 339920PARK Park and Playground Equipment
SIN 339920S Sporting Goods Equipment and Supplies
SIN 713940PACK Packaged Fitness Center
SIN 314110 Carpet Flooring
SIN 321918 Commercial Flooring
SIN 314110SBSA Carpet Flooring (SBSA)
SIN 321918PF Portable Flooring Solutions
Furniture Services
SIN 541614CF Comprehensive Furniture Management Services
Healthcare Furniture
SIN 337127CSB Chair, Convalescent (SBSA)
SIN 339113H Healthcare Furniture
Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture
SIN 337121H Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture
SIN 337122SBSA Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 3FURNISH Commercial Office Furnishings (SBSA)
Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture
SIN 33712 Complete Daycare, Preschool and Classroom Solutions
SIN 337127 Institutional Furniture
SIN 532289 Furniture Rental and Leasing
SIN 332439MLB Mail Lock Boxes
SIN 337122OSB Park, Recreational & Outdoor Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 337127CFSB Cafeteria and Food Service Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 337127CISB Correctional Institution Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 337127INT International Furniture Products
SIN 337127LFSB Library Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 337127TLSB Tables and Lecterns (SBSA)
SIN 337215MSB Mail Sorting and Distribution Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 337215SBSA Wall Units and Displays SBSA
SIN 33721RSB Remanufactured Furniture (SBSA)
SIN 33721SBSA Storage (SBSA)
SIN 33721T Training Room, Auditorium and Theater Furniture
Office Furniture
SIN 33721 Office Furniture
Packaged Furniture
SIN 337121P Packaged Household Dormitory and Quarters Furniture
SIN 337127P International Packaged Furniture
SIN 33721P Packaged Office Furniture
SIN 339113P Packaged Healthcare Furniture
SIN 339950 Signs

Additional Category Insight:

• In Fiscal Year 2019, $998 Million contract transaction value reported for this Furniture & Furnishings category

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