Meet the Driving Forces of Acolyst

Ellie Nazemoff

Chair-Woman & Founder

Ellie Nazemoff founded Acolyst over 25 years ago to serve the US government with superior information management consulting services. Under her leadership, Acolyst has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a thriving consulting practice.

Starting her career as a program developer knowing several languages (COBOL, FORTRAN, C++) writing dynamic codes on platforms including Windows, Mac, and Unix. she received several prestigious awards from different agencies including U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A pioneer in the areas of data strategy and management, and actively involved in STEM, Ellie began her business services as the only female entrepreneur on the east coast to offering A to Z technology hardware and software to various government agencies before evolving and expanding to consulting services. Her clients included the United States Postal Service (USPS) CIO Office where she ran the Y2K project overseeing 360 people. Ellie’s passion involves making a difference and empowering partners, clients, and colleagues.

CRN Magazine has recognized her on the CRN Power 50 Solution Providers list among the CRN Women of the Channel (WOTC). She was also named as one of the Leading 100 Most Powerful Women of the IT Channel.

Valeh Nazemoff

President & CEO

Valeh Nazemoff, bestselling author, has a great passion in re-energizing the mindset of executives and their operation for impactful innovative transformations that drives results.

She is a trusted strategic advisor, thought leader and public speaker in the industry for business transformation, innovation, digitization, and communication. She has been featured in Fast Company, SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Inc Magazine, CIO, and Thomson Reuters. Bringing her energy and intention to helping business executives stay on track with their strategic plan, some of her clients have included the CIO Office of USPS, SSA, PBGC, and The White House, Executive Office of the President.

With 15+ years’ experience, she has generated neuropsychology behavioral strategy solutions for large complex consulting services involving data visualization, advanced analytics, BI, automation, RPA, digital transformation, cognitive computing (AI), process improvement & governance.

Her psychology background in organizational behavior and the inclusion of neuroscience research in her works for dynamics, communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence, helps lead executives by re-imagining the value and benefits for mindset related shifts.

Having a solution strategy mind with an entrepreneurial background, actively involved with scientific research, her strength includes recognizing patterns and connecting dots when creatively solving problems. Valeh enjoys problem solving, and loves taking the puzzle pieces of a distressed organization then helping to create order from chaos.

Valeh Nazemoff

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