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Mission, Values, and Vision

Acolyst creates possibilities and expands opportunities by focusing on what matters most – the people.

Founded by Ellie Nazemoff in 1999, Acolyst has since been providing solutions that help decision makers transform performance and culture through positive, and continual, impacts.

Acolyst’s culture has been, and always will be, built on the optimistic difference we make with our customers, partners, employees, and our community. “People matter” is our motto.

Our Mission, Values, and Vision guides the way we do business.

Mission, Values, and Vision


Acolyst is a digital change leader on the efficiency and effectiveness that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) brings to the environment of dynamic organizational behaviors based on engagements and exchanges that create the experience; both internal and external.

Core Values

Acolyst’s core values represent the business philosophy that our team and customers experience. Our values are part of our company culture and define why we are doing things the way we are doing them. It defines how we act and interact with each other internally with our teams and externally with our customers.

Intention – Every engagement and exchange we have, regardless of it being internal or external, always starts by connecting to the positive intention behind the subject. In a constantly changing world, we strive to take a step back, pause, and identify with the higher intended mission for each challenge we undertake, rather than rushing blindly toward a goal.

Initiate, Involved, & Interact – We are proactive initiators in transforming an opportunity toward achievement of the strategic goals. We do that by being involved and keeping an open interactive communication flow. We are solution strategists with an attitude of being persistent and accountable.

Innovate, Invent, & Integrate – Being determined problem solvers, we always seek to discover better ways to improve, evolve, and elevate the situation. Tackling problems in a constructive and resilient manner, we are passionate in figuring out the solution to the puzzle pieces. We embrace change of all kinds, using determination, curiosity, and creativity to achieve results.

Mission, Values, and Vision
Mission, Values, and Vision

• Inclusion & Integrity – There are no bad ideas. We welcome participation that provides opportunities to shape and improve services. Different ideas often trigger other sparks that lead to breakthroughs. We have established a respectful and transparent non-judgmental environment that welcomes all perspectives and enhances trust and honesty, building morale and fostering cooperation and collaboration. As those ideas develop, we realize it requires courage and integrity to make the tough ethical decisions to fulfilling goals.

• Inform & Insightful – learning and developing professional skillsets is important when crafting new policies and rollouts. We consistently motivate and incentivize unique ways to improve and reinvent. We have learned that applying this mindset culture helps us exceed expected goals and transform initiatives. It is not enough to meet expectations; we must constantly improve and elevate them.

• Inspire, Influence, & Invigorate – We are passionate in making a positive difference through the work we believe in and do. We compassionately align with others through purpose to help them shape their culture, achieve greatness, and make positive impacts. We believe mastermind practices build character and help the collective focus on shared goals, objectives, and initiatives that matter.

Vision Statement

Acolyst will:

Continue being the change leader in innovative digital automation and cultural adoption that drive results through our customers and Innovation Center, published works and Institute, and behavioral design and Digital Automation Services.

Work with clients that have a focus in their business of creating societal impacts. Working with those that have a purpose and intention, beyond the transaction, is key for us at Acolyst. Knowing that we are helping others strive for something greater and meaningful for humanity is what drives us.

Engage, develop, empower, and strengthen our communities’ creativity and growth through skillset training and development.

Mission, Values, and Vision

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