Masterminding Practices to Elevate Breakthroughs

New ideas are the lifeblood of any dynamic company. Eliciting fresh thoughts and perspectives on company offerings, marketing campaigns, or customer needs ensures that your company stays competitive through the innovation of new products, services, and ways to solve customer problems.

More than likely, the people in your organization have many great ideas to improve every aspect of your business. However, many companies can get so caught up in daily responsibilities that they fail to set aside time to generate new ideas. Leadership can too easily forget that innovation can be unearthed from many corners: salespeople, customer liaisons, product designers, and, of course, marketing teams.

Masterminding Practices to Elevate Breakthroughs

One of the best ways to generate top-notch ideas is through Mastermind Intelligence, which takes the basic concepts of brainstorming and makes them part of the culture of your company. The key is to create a nonjudgmental, respectful environment where each individual is committed to being creative and helpful. Support given during brainstorming is about honesty, respect, and compassion. It is not a competition. Rather, it is about everyone sincerely wanting to achieve a common goal and then finding the best ways to make it happen.

The best risk you can take is on a new idea. That very idea could solve a client’s problem or provide a new feature or function that your customers did not have access to before.

Lead and be acknowledged for innovation. Strive to establish and maintain a track record of tackling difficult problems in new ways. Create new, disruptive technology that allows you to quickly gain market share.

What type of corporate culture do you want to have? Does your team embrace change and innovation? Create a fountain of new ideas.
Without a pipeline of new ideas, it becomes challenging to grow in a competitive market.

Masterminding Practices to Elevate Breakthroughs

Masterminding Consciously Connected Communication

Masterminding Practices to Elevate Breakthroughs

To prepare all parties to rewire their minds to rethink possibilities, draw attention to new approaches, collaborate on ideas, share innovative thoughts, brainstorm, strategize, and more, the Mastermind Intelligence method should be used. It takes the basic concepts of brainstorming and makes them part of the culture of the organization. The key is to create a non-judgmental, honest, transparent, compassionate, and respectful environment where everyone is inspired and committed to being creative, brainstorm ideas, think of possibilities, and support change. It is not a competition. It is an environment that is meant to feel safe and welcomed, where no idea is a bad idea. Where even what seems like a bad idea can trigger a thought resulting in a positive breakthrough idea. It is creating an environment where everyone’s attitude is striving to achieve a common goal—then finding the best ways to make it happen.

The non-judgmental tone of the ideation phase of Mastermind Intelligence creates an environment where all ideas are welcomed and enhances the flow of creativity. The whole point of Mastermind practices is to curiously hear all ideas, no matter how good, bad, silly, or seemingly unfeasible. Then work through them. Eliminating them one by one until the group is left with a core few with exceptional potential.

Participants need to know that there are no right or wrong answers. Conversations are only used to connect, trigger thoughts and ideas, and bring the team together to feel comfortable designing a solution for adopting digital transformational changes.

Elevate Conscious Curiosity for Change (C3)

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