Industrial Products & Services | Category E

Explore Industrial Products & Services Subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed below for information including cleaning supplies, hardware and tools, packaging, basic or raw materials and components, instruments, and more.

Background Investigations
SIN 325611Cleaning Products
SIN 325612 Disinfectants, Sterilant and Deodorizers
Fire/ Rescue/ Safety/ Environmental Protection Equipment
SIN 326220Hoses, Valves, Fittings, Nozzles, Couplings
SIN 339999SSafety Zone Products
SIN 333914 Fuel Management Systems
SIN 332510Hardware Manufacturing (Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - Services)
SIN 332510CHardware Store, Home Improvement Center, Industrial or General Supply Store, or Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributor - Catalog
SIN 332510SHardware Store, Home Improvement Center, Industrial or General Supply Store, or Industrial Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributor - Store Front
SIN 333112Lawn and Garden Equipment, Machinery, Implements, Tools, Products and Accessories
SIN 333TOOLTools (Powered and Non-Powered), Tool Kits, Toolboxes and Accessories
SIN 532310Rental and Leasing of Hardware Store Products
SIN 314120Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services
SIN 321920Pallets, Plastic and Wood
SIN 324110 Propane
SIN 324191Commercial Coatings, Removers, Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants, Petroleum and Waxes
SIN 325320Pest and Animal Control Products & Services
SIN 325998Chemical Additives
SIN 325998W Water Treatment Products and Systems
SIN 327910Abrasives and Blasters
SIN 331315AAluminum Sheets
SIN 332913 Plumbing Products and Bathroom Fixture Solutions
SIN 332999BMSBuilding Materials and Services
SIN 332999P Spill Containment Units, Containment Pallets, Non-Wooden Pallets
SIN 333120Street Repair, Cleaning Equipment and Attachments
SIN 3331SBSA Clearing Equipment (SBSA)
SIN 333414 Water Heaters
SIN 333415HVACHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
SIN 333912Air Compressors and Pressure Cleaners
SIN 333922Warehouse Equipment Supplies
SIN 333923SScaffolding, Work, and Service Platforms
SIN 33512Energy-Efficient Lighting and Sustainable Energy Solutions
SIN 335220DDomestic Appliances
SIN 335220EExport Appliances
SIN 335911Batteries
SIN 335999 Power Distribution Equipment
SIN 532412Leased Equipment and Accessories
Industrial Products and Services Maintenance and Repair
SIN 811310 Leased Equipment and Accessories
Machinery and Components
SIN 333921 Vehicle Material Handling Equipment
SIN 333923Vehicular Cranes and Attachments
SIN 333924Utility Trucks and Tractors
SIN 322220Performance-Oriented Packaging (POP)
SIN 3PACKPackaging Materials
SIN 333997 Scales and Balances

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