Transportation & Logistics Services| Category K

Explore Transportation and Logistics Services Subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed below for information including packaging services, package delivery, motor vehicles, and more.

Automotive Body Maintenance and Repair
SIN 81111Automotive Maintenance, Repair & Body Services
SIN 811122Automotive Windshield & Paint Repair
Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)
SIN 3361Law Enforcement & Fire Fighting Vehicles & Attachments
SIN 3363Upfitting of Government-owned Emergency Response Vehicles to Provide Turn-key Solutions
SIN 33611Purchase or Lease of Gas or Electric Low Speed Vehicles
SIN 326211Tires – New
SIN 326212Tires – Retreaded
SIN 336211Tank Trucks
SIN 336212Trailers & Attachments
SIN 336350Remanufactured Automotive Components
SIN 336611Marine Craft Repairing
SIN 336612Marine Craft
SIN 336991Wheel & Track Vehicles
SIN 488190Aircraft Components, Maintenance, Repair Services, Extended Warranties, & Maintenance Agreements
SIN 532112Leasing of Passenger Cars, SUVs, Vans, & Light Trucks
SIN 532120Leased Heavy Duty Vehicles
SIN 333318TWheel & Tire Equipment
SIN 3361EElectric & Autonomous Vehicles & Accessories
SIN 3361VVocational Vehicles
SIN 336211VVocational Bodies & Attachments
SIN 3363PSpare Components & Vehicle Accessories
SIN 336612RRecreational Watercraft
Package Delivery
SIN 492110Package Delivery
SIN 492210SBLocal Courier Delivery Services (SBSA)
Packaging Services
SIN 332439Shipping, Cargo, Freight, & Storage Containers
SIN 334419Unique Identification (UID) / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
SIN 561910Packaging Services
Security Animals and Related Systems
SIN 812910Canine Training, Handling, and Caging Products and Services
Transportation of Things
SIN 485Ground Transportation
SIN 532111Automotive equipment rental & leasing, Rental Supplemental Vehicle Program (RSVP)
SIN 481211BAir Charter Services – Brokers
SIN 481211OAir Charter Services – Owner Operated

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