Hello wonderful colleagues and friends! Welcome to the launch of the Acolyst Institute!

We complement our custom training by always adhering to industry-established training standards of project management and software/system development methodology; balancing the knowledge, experience, and skills the industry requires with the concepts, values, and methodology unique to Acolyst’s exceptional expectations. The additional skills that we require of our team are based on years of relevant experience and success in the industry. Whether identifying and incorporating system improvements, streamlining and standardizing processes, managing a project’s progress, or identifying and mitigating risks, our analysts consistently surpass client and industry expectations.

I´m so excited to know you want to join my community of intelligent, action-driven, result focused, compassionate individuals with a purpose for building an engaging and collaborative work culture!

This is going to be a pretty incredible adventure. I’m so glad that you get to join me and this amazing community of individuals who are ready to do more and achieve more with innovative thinking and doing as we are advancing more and more with artificial intelligence, automation, and other disruptive technology that are impacting cultural inclusion, engagement, adoption, and more. Many of you feel overwhelmed, unheard, and disconnected. My intention here is to help you start building a culturally inspiring environment, no matter your role!

I’m going to be revealing to you some of the most advanced, most successful, most unique strategies that I’ve created to transform communication and change the dynamics of collaborative engagement.

I got to work with major brand organizations (like The White House, Executive Office of the President!) where I have applied my methods, modified, tweaked through trial and error to create the successes that were achieved!

When you opt-in to the exciting behind the scene activities for the launch of the Acolyst Institute, I will share more with you about my story, what this community program is about (and what it is not), how the program will work for you to achieve the most success, ways we can engage and collaborate, and so much more!

But first, know that in order for me to give the most, I need to know and learn, based on input and feedback, what is the most pressing urgent needs you have, as it relates to change management, organizational cultural communication, collaboration, and transformational initiatives! There is so much around this subject that I have and am continuing to organize to share, but I need to know what is your most pressing struggles. I’ve crafted this short form, where your response comes directly to me – yes, I, Valeh Nazemoff, personally read and respond to your input. So, let’s just get the dynamics started now! Looking forward to you taking action and initiating a discussion with me on this most pressing topic!

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