Office Management | Category A

In addition to the typical office supplies, copiers, and printers, this category includes audio/video products and services, document destruction, and electronic records management solutions. Explore the Office Management Subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed below.

Subcategories SIN Title
Audio Visual Products and Audio-Visual Services
SIN 334310 Professional Audio/Video Products
SIN 334290OS Overseas (International) Audio/Visual Products
SIN 334511T Telecommunications Equipment
SIN 541990AV Professional Audio/Video Services
Document Services
SIN 561439 Document Production On-site & Off-site Services
SIN 561990 Document Destruction Services
SIN 518210DC Document Conversion Services
SIN 541611LIT Litigation Support Services
Mail Management
SIN 561499M Mail Management, Systems, Processing Equipment & Related Solutions
Publication Media Products & Services
SIN 511130 Books and Pamphlets
SIN 5191M Entertainment, News and Library Media
SIN 511120 Periodicals, Subscriptions, Online Book Selling and Lending Library Services
SIN 561410 Editorial, Publishing, and Library Media Services
Office Supplies
SIN 339940 Office Products
SIN 339940OS4 OS4 Office Products and Supplies (FSSI)
SIN 339940OVER OS4 Overseas Office Products and Supplies (FSSI)
SIN 339940SVC Office Supply Support Services
Office Services
  SIN 541611O Office Management Needs Assessment and Analysis Services
SIN 541614OR Office Relocation and Reconfiguration
SIN 561110 Office Administrative Services
SIN 561320SBSA Temporary Staffing (SBSA)
   SIN 561499N Network Connectivity Support Services
SIN 333318 Dictating and Transcribing Machines and Systems
SIN 333318SBSA Office Security Equipment and IT Products (Small Business Set Aside)
Office Management Maintenance and Repair
SIN 811212R Repair of Government-Owned Equipment (for equipment NOT under Maintenance Service Agreement)
SIN 811212SA Maintenance Service Agreement For Office Equipment
Office Management Maintenance and Repair
SIN 325992 Micro-photographic Film, Paper, Chemical Preparation and Equipment
SIN 333244 Post Copying/Finishing Equipment and Supplies
SIN 333249 3D Printing Solutions and Additive Manufacturing Solutions
SIN 333316C Copiers and Digital Duplicating Equipment
   SIN 333316CPC Cost-per-Copy Plan for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers)
SIN 333316F Flat Rate Monthly Fee for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers)
SIN 333316M Multi-Media Readers, Reader-Printers and Systems
SIN 333316OS Overseas Copiers and Supplies
SIN 333316P Photographic Supplies
SIN 532420C Copier Rental Solutions
SIN 532420LC Operating Lease Plan for Copiers
SIN 532420LT LTOP & Operating Lease Plan for all Non-Copier Office Machinery
SIN 532420LTOP Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copier
SIN 541611MPS Managed Print Services
Records Management
SIN 493110RM Physical Records Management Services
SIN 518210ERM Electronics Records Management Solutions

Additional Category Insight:

• In Fiscal Year 2019, $1.06 Billion contract transaction value reported for this Office Management category

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