Business Consulting

Acolyst employs analysts that are trained and utilize Acolyst’s project management approach taking maximum advantage of extensive experience managing projects of all sizes, across a large number of industries. By understanding our clients’ operations and technology requirements, Acolyst is able to craft solutions driven by their goals and objectives with the ability to comprehend and recognize a program’s life cycle is evident by a strong track record of successfully initiating, planning, executing, delivering, monitoring and controlling projects from inception to completion.

Although intangible qualities are much more difficult to quantify, we at Acolyst believe that the value we ascribe to open and effective communication further distinguishes us from our competition. Our methodology is firmly built on a foundation of reciprocal communication with our clients and our team. For example, our analysts regularly identify specific milestones which they deem to be inextricably linked to key deliverables desired by clients.

Our approach requires that we develop and track our strategies, monitor progress, and overcome any challenges to reaching these goals. We communicate with our clients throughout the process to effectively contextualize our analysis for technology and business oriented clients; illustrating the significance of each milestone and the benefits that reaching it brings to their organization.

Extensive Project Management Experience

Utilize documented templates and checklists that have been collected, created, and modified from years of lessons learned and best practices. Including templates and checklists for Data Conversion

Business Consulting
Business Consulting

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