NY Published Best-Selling Book – The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind


The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success

By Valeh Nazemoff

The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind is a groundbreaking new book that offers practical strategies for business transformation, based on the latest research from organizational psychology, neuroscience, business analytics and multiple intelligences theory.

Valeh Nazemoff, a leading strategic business technology advisor, reveals four different but interrelated types of intelligence essential to today’s executive: financial, customer, data and mastermind intelligence. Knowledge of these transformational intelligences will benefit anyone from individual leaders up through entire organizations.

This short yet impactful book teaches readers to train their brains in this new way of thinking, apply these skills to their organizations, and influence their companies to adopt these transformation techniques.

By approaching analysis, strategy mapping, and decision-making with the calm, positive, and proactive methodology detailed in this book, executives and decision-makers will feel confident in addressing the challenges posed by constantly evolving business environments. Thinking according to the four transformational intelligences will become second nature, resulting in exponential change.

What You’ll Learn From This Book

As an executive or other decision-maker, you will learn how to:

Understand and harness the power of the four business transformational intelligences
Encourage adaptation of these transformational intelligences by your employees and organization through modeling and team exercises.
Become confident in the accuracy and usefulness of the data you receive and evaluate each day
Learn to recognize patterns in your surrounding environment to trigger actions that will optimize business performance.

Who This Book Is For

Executives and all other decision-makers across all departments and sectors of business.

Valeh Nazemoff is an accomplished strategic advisor, management consultant, team builder, speaker, internationally bestselling author, and teacher. Vice-President and co-owner of her own successful performance management firm, Valeh’s passion is improving people’s lives through technology and teamwork. Armed with positivity, experience, and a fun, engaging approach, Valeh offers invaluable, easy-to-apply advice for leaders and decision makers to transform their businesses and love what they do.

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