GSA MAS Contract

GSA modernized the federal acquisition by consolidating and streamlining 24 Multiple Awards Schedules (MAS) legacy contracts, merging them into one MAS Single Schedule for products, services, and solutions with 12 categories. This includes the GSA IT Schedule 70.

The GSA MAS Consolidation is part of an initiative to simplify the procurement process for government agencies, the offer process for contractors, and the overall contract acquisition and management process for all parties; making it easier for customers to find total solutions under one contract vehicle.

The 12 Categories and 80+ Subcategories under Acolyst’s GSA MAS contract includes:

Categories Subcategories GSA Site Info Link
Office Management Category Category A 
  Audio Visual Products and Audio-Visual Services  
  Document Services  
  Mail Management  
  Publication Media Products & Services  
  Office Supplies  
  Office Services  
  Office Management Maintenance and Repair  
  Printing and Photographic Equipment  
  Records Management  
Facilities Category Category B 
  Facilities Maintenance, Management and Repair  
  Facilities Services  
  Facilities Solutions  
  Facilities Supplies  
  Food Service Equipment  
Furniture & Furnishing Category Category C 
  Fitness Solutions  
  Furniture Services  
  Healthcare Furniture  
  Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture  
  Miscellaneous Furniture  
  Office Furniture  
  Packaged Furniture  
Human Capital Category Category D 
  Background Investigations  
  Compensation and Benefits  
  Human Resources  
  Social Services  
Industrial Products & Services Category Category E 
  Cleaning Supplies  
  Fire/ Rescue/ Safety/ Environmental Protection Equipment  
  Fuel Management  
  Hardware and Tools  
  Industrial Products  
  Industrial Products and Services Maintenance and Repair  
  Machinery and Components  
  Test and Measurement Supplies  
Information Technology Category Category F 
  Electronic Commerce  
  IT Hardware  
  IT Services  
  IT Software  
  IT Solutions  
  IT Training  
Miscellaneous Category Category G 
  Complementary Special Item Numbers (SINs)  
  Musical Instruments  
  Personal Hair Care Items  
Professional Services Category Category H 
  Business Administrative Services  
  Environmental Services  
  Financial Services  
  Identity Protection Services  
  Language Services  
  Legal Services  
  Logistical Services  
  Marketing and Public Relations  
  Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT)  
Scientific Management and Solutions Category Category I 
  Laboratory Equipment  
  Laboratory Animals  
  Medical Equipment  
  Scientific Services  
  Search and Navigation  
  Testing and Analysis  
Security & Protection Category Category J 
  Marine and Harbor  
  Protective Equipment  
  Security Services  
  Security Systems & PACS Buying Guide  
  Security Animals and Related Systems  
  Testing Equipment  
Transportation and Logistics Services Category Category K 
  Automotive Body Maintenance and Repair  
  Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)  
  Package Delivery  
  Packaging Services  
  Transportation of Things  
Travel Category Category L 
  Employee Relocation  
  Travel Agent and Misc. Services  

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GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract
GSA MAS Contract

Our major task-order contracts with the federal government allow us to provide integral solutions at highly competitive rates and enable us to hit the ground running, without the red tape.

Click here to find Acolyst’s GSA MAS Contract #GS-35F-0567M (note: as information updates, so will this doc):

GSA MAS Contract

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GSA MAS Contract

To further fulfill your curiosity, the chart below has mapped the prior 24 legacy GSA contracts to the categories of the new consolidated single MAS contract:

24 Separate Legacy GSA Contracts 12 Categories of the New Single GSA MAS Contract
738 X Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services >>>   Human Capital | Category D
76 Publication Media >>>   Office Management | Category A
67 Cameras, Photographic Printers and Related Supplies and Services >>>   Office Management | Category A
75 Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology >>>   Office Management | Category A
81 I B Packing and Packaging Supplies and Services >>>   Transportation and Logistics Services Category | Category K
71 II K Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS) >>>   Furniture & Furnishing Category | Category C  
78 Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies and Signs (SPORTS) >>>   Miscellaneous Category | Category G  
58 I Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording, Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions >>>   Office Management | Category A
36 Office, Imaging and Document Solution >>>   Office Management | Category A
71 Furniture >>>   Furniture & Furnishing Category | Category C  
72 Furnishings and Floor Coverings >>>   Furniture & Furnishing Category | Category C  
03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management >>>   Facilities | Category B
51 V Hardware Superstore >>>   Industrial Products & Services | Category E
66 Scientific Equipment and Services >>>   Scientific Management & Solutions | Category I
56 Building and Building Materials / Industrial Services and Supplies >>>   Industrial Products & Services | Category E
84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response >>>   Security & Protection | Category J
73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning, Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services >>>   Facilities | Category B
736 Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing Services >>>   Office Management | Category A
48 Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions >>>   Transportation and Logistics Services Category | Category K  
70 General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services >>>   Information Technology | Category F
00CORP The Professional Services Schedule >>>   Professional Services | Category H
23 V Automotive Superstore >>>   Transportation and Logistics Services Category | Category K  
751 Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks >>>   Transportation and Logistics Services Category | Category K  
599 Travel Services Solutions  >>> Travel | Category L

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