Miscellaneous | Category G

Explore Miscellaneous Subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) listed below for information including apparel, musical instruments, flags and more.

Subcategories SIN Title
  SIN 3152 Clothing
  SIN 316210 Footwear
  SIN 339113PA Protective Apparel
  SIN 315210 Uniforms
  SIN 339999ASB Awards (SBSA)
Complementary Special Item Numbers (SINs)    
  SIN 238910 Installation and Site Preparation Services
  SIN ANCILLARY Ancillary Supplies and Services
  SIN NEW Introduction of New Supplies and Services
  SIN OLM Order-Level Materials (OLM)
  SIN ANCRA Ancillary Repair and Alterations
  SIN 4PL Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) Supplies and Services
  SIN 339999F Flags, Banners, Pennants, and Related Products
Musical Instruments    
  SIN 339992 Sounds of Music
Personal Hair Care Items    
  SIN 335210 Personal Care Items

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