Acolyst helps executives like you gain insight into the most complicated issues and data, through thorough documentation and assessment. Our experienced analysts do a deep dive into your current state to identify opportunity areas for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Acolyst’s goal is to optimize the overwhelming volume of data that you receive each day so that you can make more proactive, strategic, and timely decisions based on what is actually happening within your business. Our methodology gives you the confidence that you are receiving accurate data when you need it most.

Is your business about to embark upon a new project or initiative? In order to meet and exceed your project goals, you need visibility into your business. You need insight to understand how everything is interrelated.

To improve your insight, you must first see into your firm’s current state and understand your assets and liabilities, whether they be your people, your processes, or your technology. You must then create an ongoing solution in which you receive just the right amount of information across your organization to make strategic, informed decisions that carry out your vision and are aligned with your strategy.

Painting an accurate and detailed “as-is” picture – does not often garner the acclaim it deserves, but it is absolutely imperative in order to create a project plan that meets end users’ needs and business objectives.


Insight Improvement: 7 Questions

So whether you are expanding, consolidating, or preparing for an audit, discuss the following general questions to get you started:

  1. What data must be collected, migrated, or consolidated? Why?
  2. Who uses the data?
  3. Who needs access to this information?
  4. What processes or systems are tied to the data?
  5. What changes must be made to accomplish the initiative?
  6. What people, processes and technology will be impacted?
  7. How does this initiative align to your mission, values and vision?
Insight Improvement

Often times, the answers to these questions are not easy to answer.

Acolyst was founded over 25 years ago to help businesses achieve transformation from the inside out. Using an innovative blend of neuroscience, organizational psychology and analytics, Acolyst delivers data management and business performance consulting services that achieve measurable and sustainable results. Acolyst uses its exclusive Requirements Elicitation & Visualization Methodology (REVM) to ensure that clients avoid expensive rework, cost overruns, and missed milestones. Our strategist and analyst consultants are meticulous with utilizing documentations and processes that have been refined as market and environment changes have occurred based on our years of practice.

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