Acolyst helps you shift into the necessary mindset to achieve true transformation, whether the initiative is voluntary or mandatory.

No matter whether you are responding to government regulations, mandates or audits, consolidating departments or data, or are looking to expand and enter new markets, Acolyst’s methodology ensures that all involved parties are on the same page, invested in the process, and ready to succeed.

Are you a decision maker looking to transform your business in some way? Regardless of your destination, the start of your journey remains the same – getting into the right mindset.

What is Transformation?

Transformation comes in different shapes and sizes; whether in the guise of a merger or acquisition, a new initiative or program, consolidation of internal departments and/or data, a shift in operational processes, the alteration of infrastructure management, expansion into new territories, reduction of unnecessary administrative costs, or due to government regulations, mandates, or audits. Transformation may affect a department, a division, an entire enterprise, or across multiple companies.


Internally focused considerations include:

  1. Does your business have adequate resources, both in terms of finances and staff?
  2. Are staff members able to be trained in the new program to be implemented?
  3. Does your business have subject matter experts on hand to support the program, such as compliance, legal, and marketing professionals?
  4. How will your people, processes and technology be impacted as a result of this new initiative?
  5. What would be the consequences of not implementing this program?

Externally focused questions include:

  1. What is the competition doing?
  2. What are the industry benchmarks?
  3. What is the current situation of the market?
  4. What are the legislative mandates and regulations that could affect the program?
  5. Are there any compliance or legal matters that need to be considered?
Often times, the answers to these questions are not always easy to answer. Acolyst was founded over 25 years ago to help businesses achieve transformation from the inside out. Using an innovative blend of neuroscience, organizational psychology and analytics, Acolyst delivers data management and business performance consulting services that achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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