Portfolio Management

Project Management

Acolyst’s Valeh Nazemoff was invited to present at CA World 2013 on Leveraging Performance Management to Drive Transformation and Business Value with Service & Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Document Deliverables for:

• Project Management (PMLC and SDLC)

• Service Level Agreements (SLA)

• Gap Analysis

• Strategy Mapping

Document Templates: We have both formal project management life cycle (PMLC) and system development life cycle (SDLC) documentation checklists, templates, and experience that have been used on various projects over the years.

Called, The Acolyst aPM, our documentation processes have been developed and refined over the years as market and environment changes have occurred in the industry.

Based on the project size, complexity, and requirement, it can be determined which template(s) to be used. Some of the documents include:

• Joint Requirement Session Document (JRD),

• Business Requirement Design Document (BRD),

• Functional Design Document (FRD),

• Logical and Physical Data Models,

• Gap Analysis,

• Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM),

• Strategy Map,

• Meeting Minutes,

• System Integration Document,

• Data Conversion / Integration Mapping Document and Report,

• Configuration Management Document,

• Change Management Document,

• Service Level Agreements (SLAs),

• Test Plans / Logs and Summary Report, and

• Training and User Manual Document

For PMLC and SDLC breakdown, see chart below:

Acolyst aPM - Information Technology Solutions Life Cycle Methodology (ITSLCM) Templates


• Project Management Plan (PMP)

• Project Schedule

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

• Risk Management 

• Acceptance Matrix Log

• Communications Matrix

• Change Management Plan

• Issues & Risk Matrix

• Modification & Acceptance Log

• Staff Management Plan

• Corrective Action Plan

• Quality Management Plan

• Meeting Agenda and Minutes

• Earned Value Reporting

• Test Strategy

• Lessons Learned

• etc.


• Configuration Management Plan

• Requirements Document

• Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

• Design Document

• Solution Environment Plan

• System Security Plan (SSP)

• Test Plan

• Test Results Report

• IT Operations and Support Manual

• Training Plan

• User Manual

• etc.

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