Organizational and Business Performance Management

Being engaged is not the same as achieving results. Organizational and Business Performance Management includes all activities that ensure objectives are being met efficiently and effectively. That can be accomplished when orienting efforts within a framework of planned and properly communicated goals, standards, and right skillsets are in place.

Acolyst works with the client through a series of stages to help them achieve results.

Below is an example of Acolyst’s involvement in the Aviation industry. You can see a sampling of data collected, metrics utilized, and how data can be reported for different purposes that drive organizational and business performance.

Acolyst has provided Aviation based services and solutions to the US Federal government such as Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and other sites as the Dominican Republic since 1989.

Services include Air Traffic Management, Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs), Air Traffic Training Solutions, and Air Traffic related applications such as Data Management, Investigative, and Legal Matter.

Acolyst Aviation Performance Management

Acolyst’s Air Traffic-Related Application Solutions:

Acolyst’s Air Traffic Data Management (ATDM) application is able to capture accidental and incidental data needed based on an Air Traffic Incident Report Form within the application to electronically document information needed for investigation to ensure safety, compliance, regulations and guidelines are met.  The accidental and incidental data are able to pass through a routing process capability within the system so that a investigative process can begin.  The application is also able to populate Accident/Incident data reports based on requirements defined and FAA and/or ICAO standards.

The data and metric requirements along with tracking, alerting, routing, and approval process within the application allows for data quality to occur, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing errors.

Providing analysis and reporting capabilities to assess the performance of Air Traffic Control (ATC) and aircraft operators by measure their effectiveness at managing operations, real-time and post-event against targets.  The solution allows users to generate historical reports that highlight performance issues, pinpoint unnecessary delays, and identify implementation inefficiencies to continuously improve operations as well as being able to generate predictive analysis reporting.

Acolyst’s Air Traffic Legal Matter (ATLM) application is able to pick up the investigative process and continue with the flow to process air traffic control and air navigation related matters.  This can also be applied to commercial, private aviation, civilian military aircraft for Federal, state or local regulations pertaining to aviation, air commerce, commercial carriers, and safety.

Performance Measurement of the National Airspace System (NAS)

Aviation Performance Management
  1. Aviation Performance Management Needs
  2. Mobility / Visualization of Data (Business Intelligence Reporting Application)
  3. Tracking of Data (Aviation Data & Legal Management Application)

    – Flight Arrival / Departure On-Time

    – Incident / Accident Reporting

  4. Data Source (Data Modeling Application)

Aviation Performance Management Needs

Aviation Data & Performance Management Needs

Air Traffic Management

• Regulatory & Legal Mandates

– Safety Regulation

    • Reduce Fatalities

– Volume of Airspace

    • Mix and Traffic Passing Through it

• Governmental

– Workforce Requirements

• Goals

– Improve Performance

– Reduce Commercial Air Carrier Fatalities

On-Time / Delay / Route Info on iPhone & iPad

Aviation Performance Management
Aviation Performance Management
Aviation Performance Management

Airport & Route Info on iPhone & iPad

Aviation Performance Management
Aviation Performance Management
Aviation Performance Management
Aviation Performance Management

Benefits of Performance Management & Mobility

Aviation Performance Management

• Visualize in a Graph Format

• Monitor Red Zones

• Define Threshold Levels to Set Indicators

• Trigger Alert

• Instant Access to Data

• Help User Make Informed Decisions

• Etc…

Steps to Creating a Performance Management Scorecard

  1. Strategy Planning & Roadmap of Performance Management Reporting
  2. Identify Data Source
  3. Create, Edit, Save, Delete Data
  4. Design Scorecard / Dashboard Application

Visualize the Data Source Location and What Data Needs to be Captured using Data Modeling

Visualize the Data Source Location

Creating, Tracking, Submitting Incident ATC Data

Creating, Tracking, Submitting Incident ATC Data

Incident Forms are Generated and Tracked through an Investigative / Legal System once information is submitted.

Legal Matter Application

Aviation Performance Management

The Legal Matter is Linked and Associated with the Incident’s Assignees, Involved Parties, Documentation, Tasks, Notes, etc for Air Traffic Control and Air Navigation Matters – it is used to Track, Notify, Route, Approve Data for the Incidents being Investigated.

Sample Metrics Considered for Investigative Analysis

• Flight Level Calculations

• Scheduled and Planned Times

• How well an airports arrival / departure capacity used based on demand

• Airport Arrival Rates (AAR)

• Airport Departure Rates (ADR)

• Arrival Utilization = min(100%,Actual Arrivals/min (Arrival Demand, AAR))

• Departure Utilization

• Airport Utilization

• Weather Conditions

• # of Aircraft Movements Per Runway

• Passenger Volume

Sample Metrics Considered for Investigative Analysis

Acolyst’s ATC Services Include:

Air Traffic Management:

Through its years of management and operational efforts, Acolyst provides Performance Management Solutions for Air Traffic Management related topics such as Safety Management and Flight Analysis.

This allows the organization to analyze its business operations and gain greater insights into the airport’s operational performance and costs. These reports will provide executives and managers with at-a-glance informational dashboards that display volumes of data in a highly visual and interactive manner, and enable users to rapidly and easily identify problems and diagnose root cause issues.

Aviation Performance Management
Organizational and Business Performance Management

The Importance, Process, and Consideration of a Data Model and Data Management Application in Delivering a Business Intelligence (BI) System for Data Performance Management

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