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Supercharge Workforce Communication, mailed directly to you for U.S. Shipping ONLY! I will personally be covering the shipping & handling cost. All you need to do is submit your info below!

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NOTE: Forms must be submitted within 1 week from event date (March 4, 2022). Meaning deadline is March 11, 2022, 12PM EST.

Supercharge Workforce Communication
is based on actual experienced engagements

Included are 6 Exercises that
Reshape Mindsets
 to Optimize Digital Transformation Adoption

My intention is for you to practice the exercises for a transformational experience!

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About the Book:

When it comes to transformational initiatives most all issues are communication-related. Based on actual recent experienced engagements and stories, Supercharge Workforce Communication offers 6 unique actionable exercises that will reshape your mind to connect, engage, and collaborate on various digital (and non-digital) project activities for optimal adoption. With simple exercises to practice, the effective strategies in this book can supercharge communication and benefit anyone throughout the entire organization. Awareness and understanding of the neuro-psychology behind the stories create “aha” moments and help you recognize behavioral patterns to act on by applying the skills learned. You will be able to bridge the organizational cultural gap and optimize engagement and adoption.

Some of the many things you will learn from this short book includes:

• Three E Model™ (Chapter 2)

• Communicating back to the Strategic Plan; regardless of your role (Chapter 3)

• Data Conversations (Chapter 4)

• And a story of a communication engagement technique, you can put into practice, that I applied at one of the White House, Executive Office of the President’s agency components; Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) (Chapter 5)

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