What We Do

acolyst messagingAcolyst’s strength and core capability is in offering Performance Management solutions to help C-Level clients achieve strategic initiatives such as Cloud Computing and Business Process Improvement while resolving their GRC & Legal Matters.

Governance is the base and foundation of what we start off with, identifying replication and inconsistency of data across applications and systems.  Executives need to have legitimate information they can trust before they can make sound business decisions.

Governance is the business driver and once established our goal is to reduce corporate risk, meet compliance, audits, legislative requirements, and conduct legal analysis of liability and impacts to make modifications and improvements to the process as necessary.

An executive can then have a solid view into the performance of their organization based on metrics and indicators defined in order to identify and assess root cause, make effective business decisions, improvements and/or adjustments  to meet strategic initiatives and execute a training plan where necessary.

To identify the metrics and indicators involves several documentation and inputs such as; gap analysis, strategy mapping, metrics including leading and lagging, cause and effect relationship, KPIs, scoring, targets and goals, objectives, data source, industry standard and best practices, IT service management, project and workload data, financial cost models, operational data, external data like benchmarks, and exogenous information for instance regulatory, legal constraints and government control.

The design aspect for a Performance Management is important for how the data is displayed using graphical charts, symbols, and colors. This is to help executives display information that results in improving the process, evaluating and strategizing, and a method for interpreting and communicating the information, whether it is predictive analysis, forecasting or carrying out strategic decisions.

Acolyst has the experience, methodology, documentation, and knowledge.  An Executive Performance Management implementation is most successful when using agile and iterative practices.

Please browse our website for additional information including whitepapers and postings of recent articles.  Should you have any questions or want to request our services, feel free to email us at contact@acolyst.com