Microsoft Cloud

With Microsoft Online and Acolyst services, we are offering a suite of always up to date business productivity capabilities, giving end users the ability to have a wide range of methods to communicate and collaborate.

Users can start from any forms of communication and switch to another.  For example, they can move from email exchange to instant messaging and then move to a web conference or start with instant messaging and then move to email or conferencing. They will access to emails, contacts, documents whether they are online or offline such as using our Sharepoint synchronizing feature with Outlook or connect via a wide array of active sync mobile devices or through web portals.

For reasons such as data compliance, customization requirements, flexibility, etc., customers may want to deploy a hybrid approach between online and on-premise. Another key value is the flexibility to choose your deployment model between on-premises and online by geography, workload or roles.

In one example, the customer decides to deploy Exchange Server in their own datacenter for users in their headquarter and have their branch office users subscribe to Exchange Online. To enable a seamless experience such as a single address book, we provide a tool to synchronize entries in your on-premises directory with our Online directory. With this tool, any changes you make on your directory are synchronize with our directory such as changing adding or deleting a user, change user attributes, etc. For SharePoint, in this example, customers can choose to deploy a set of site collections on their on-premise SharePoint deployment and another set of site collections is deployed on SharePoint Online. In this case, no matter where the users are at, they can access to sites from both site collections.

Click here for a PDF presentation of the Microsoft / Acolyst solution and contact us here regarding any migration questions or to try the trial version.