Acolyst has provided high-level data management and performance solutions to the U.S. government, commercial and non-profit industries for over 25 years. In addition to working with C-level and other executive decision makers at all levels of government management and Fortune 5000 companies, Acolyst has award-winning federal contracts that focus on delivery of many core competencies.

We offer unbiased, comprehensive assessments and documentation, including thorough analysis of the data, resources, and processes necessary to formulate a strategic plan. And we carry it through to completion. Our expert teams document clear guidelines and ensure that measurable progress is being made at each milestone.

Acolyst has helped many clients across multiple industries enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the following areas:

Strategy Planning & Mapping

Acolyst provides unbiased, comprehensive “As Is” assessment to identify strategic opportunities. Insight from this process is then used to identify a client’s desired “to-be” scenario, with subsequent strategy mapping to bridge from current state to end goal. Our commitment to your business does not end once your short-term goals have been achieved. Acolyst solutions and strategies set up our partners to face future challenges more strategically and decisively, even when we are no longer on the project.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) & Legal

Acolyst believes that an effective governance practice is the foundation upon which a successful business is built. We provide risk assessment and management, regulatory and legislative compliance, audit preparedness, and documentation services, all geared towards reducing your corporate risk and providing you with timely, trustworthy data for better decision making.

Data & IT Performance Management

Acolyst has a distinguished track record of delivering data migration, data consolidation and technology solutions. We offer strategic insight and recommendations into the physical, logical, and hierarchical infrastructure of legacy data, applications, and servers. Our thorough analysis of potential impacts to your data, resources, and processes results in solutions that optimize your business’ performance.

Organizational and Business Performance Management

Acolyst works with clients to clearly define “success” and implement definitive measures and metrics to document and monitor progress and performance throughout the project’s life cycle. Our expert team is well-versed in developing and writing Service Level Agreements that document clear guidelines and expectations of all parties involved.

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

For all engagements, Acolyst takes a holistic view of the client, understanding that no project exists in a silo. Through thorough data, resource and process analysis, we give careful consideration to how any initiative affects the organization, both from a pipeline management and a human perspective.

Expansion of Market Reach

Acolyst enables businesses to enter into or expand within the federal government or other new markets through custom-designed programs specific to the needs of technology vendors and manufacturers. Acolyst’s expert team guides clients through marketing materials creation, business development, proposal writing, contract support and technical and training support.

Acolyst’s focus is to help each client transform from the inside out, utilizing a customized combination of our services. All engagements feature insightful current state analysis, innovative strategy planning, and effective project and portfolio management, resulting in better, more informed decision making, today and tomorrow.

The Acolyst Way

Acolyst offers consulting expertise blended with neuroscience and psychology research. We help our clients understand the entire puzzle—how technology, people and processes are interlinked. Our expert team is passionate about what we do. We build a bridge from the clients’ current state all the way to the finish line, based on a methodology powered by transformation, insight, strategy and performance.

Acolyst has a 25-year history of experience and a proven framework which can help you successfully navigate the most complex of projects.

To find out how we can work together to help your business transform from the inside out, please contact us today to schedule your consultation.