Our Philosophy

At Acolyst, we approach every client engagement and partnership with passion and expertise.  On our home page, you may have noticed the phrase, “Intention. Initiation.  Innovation.  Improvement”, featured under our company name on the upper left-hand corner.  This is more than a tagline, it’s the journey we’re on to live our mission, vision and values. 

More about our philosophy:

Intention – Our company culture is rooted in intention.  In a constantly changing world, we strive to take a step back, pause, and identify our intention for each challenge we undertake, rather than rushing blindly toward a goal.  We are passionate about our work and believe in what we do, and all members of our team are aligned in purpose – to make a positive difference through the work we do. 

Initiation – Our mission is based on proactive initiation.  We start by having the right intention, and then focus on going above and beyond to take your business to the next level.  Our goal is to over-deliver on our promises, unasked, as we want to see our partners and clients succeed.  Your success is our success.

Innovation – Acolyst’s values all go back to innovation, to evolve our business and yours.  We are committed to embracing change of all kinds, using determination and creativity to achieve results. We realize that innovation, whether it be technological, organizational or leadership-oriented, requires courage and is essential to goal fulfillment.

Improvement – Our vision is that of constant improvement.  Our team is motivated and incentivized to develop unique ways to improve.  We’ve learned that the key to exceeding goals is to utilize technology and performance management expertise to help clients and partners transform their business.  It is not enough to meet expectations, we must constantly improve upon them. 

We invite you to learn more about our unique approach to doing business.