The White House, Executive Office of the President

Scalable enterprise-wide automated and adoptable legal and case management system for
The White House, Executive Office of the President and components.

Acolyst assessed, advised, and recommended strategy and design for the legal case management workload processes, workflow, and procedures for the chief legal advisors that work on law and policy issues from intake to archiving records for National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to determine project infrastructure needs, integration requirements, business requirements, security, and a technologically feasible solution for an enterprise-wide and adoptable system for the 10 different EOP components governed by the Federal Records Act (FRA) and Presidential Records Act (PRA), including: The White House Office; Office of the Vice President; Office of Administration; Office of Management and Budget; Office of the United States Trade Representative; Office of National Drug Control Policy; Counsel of Economic Advisors; Counsel on Environmental Quality; National Security Council; and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The White House, Executive Office of the President

Complexity scenario for an enterprise case tracking involved Acolyst’s strengths; pattern recognition, addressing commonality, and connecting the dots. As each of the counsel component offices cover a wide range of legal practice areas from administrative, procurement, and personnel law to technology, national security, and international trade law. Each of the components maintain different and independent methods for performing legal case management, in part due to the separate and distinct missions of each component. For example, the Office of Administration’s General Counsel areas of practice include Litigation, eDiscovery, Investigations, Personnel and Employment, Contracts and Procurement, Claims, Fiscal, Personnel Security, Cyber Security, and Ethics. Each practice area workflow is dependent upon on how a question or issue arises, and how it is assigned.


Utilizing Acolyst’s methodology, models, and framework, including, The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind, Acolyst proactively connected, engaged, partnered and collaborated with stakeholders (internal & external) and key decision makers (ex: White House Information Technology (WHIT), White House Information Governance (WHIG), Records Management Branch Chief and the various General Counsel executive offices) to ensure the focus of digital transformation priorities such as electronic government and workforce of the future, while addressing business issues, impacts, risks and innovative problem solving. This required organizational change management (OCM) strategy efforts to adopt an enterprise digital ERP solution, the learning of new processes, emotional intelligence, collaborative mindset and habit-forming methods to better communicate and process data that involve interagency and international agreements.

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