New York City Department of Investigation

Digital Strategy for Record Automation and Investigative Tracking for
New York City (NYC) Department of Investigation (DOI).

The New York City (NYC) Department of Investigation (DOI) is the City’s Inspector General, with independent oversight of City government. Investigations may involve any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the City, as well as those who do business with or receive benefits from the City. DOI currently has oversight of about 300,000 City employees in 45 City agencies.

DOI’s staff consists of Inspectors General, investigators, attorneys, forensic auditors, computer forensic specialists and administrative personnel.

For over a decade, Acolyst has been providing digital strategy services for DOI’s record automation and investigate tracking needs for its broad jurisdiction which includes criminal and civil investigatory authority to more than 45 mayoral agencies and an array of other city agencies, entities, boards, commissions and authorities.

This includes the Department of Correction (DOC), Administration for Children Services (ACS), New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and New York Police Department (NYPC).

New York City (NYC) Department of Investigation (DOI)

Now during the COVID-19 pandemic, Acolyst is providing more focused emphasis to New York City’s Health & Hospital Corporation (HHC). HHC is a public benefit corporation that operates 11 acute care hospitals, 4 nursing homes, 6 diagnostic and treatment centers, and more than 70 community-based primary care sites in the City; which in the aggregate serve more than 6 million New Yorkers annually. HHC has approximately 35,000 employees and a total budget of around $8.2 billion.

Acolyst works for the CIO and CIO Office reporting to the DOI Commissioner and providing reports to the Mayor’s Office and City Councils.

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