COTS Integration

cots integrationAcolyst COTS Integration Capability

Acolyst is a true COTS integrator, committed to delivering unique solutions in collaboration with the finest vendors, the industry has to offer. We have long relied on services as the mainstay of our business. We strive to deliver above and beyond expectations by dedicating ourselves to identifying, creating, and executing the forefront in best practices.

Partnering with the finest vendors in the industry allows Acolyst to create innovative, cutting-edge government and corporate solutions. Our dedication to fast and effective service sets us apart from any competition. At Acolyst, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled ability to identify problems, and create and execute complete solutions.

Acolyst stands at the precipice of innovation by maintaining a robust line-card in order to work from the ground level up. Our ear is tuned to client’s needs so that we can turn to our vendor partners and bring the very best in COTS integration to bring satisfaction.

“We listen to our clients. More-and-more they are requesting Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) expertise to build solutions using technological components as its building blocks. We are expanding our relationships with product manufacturers to deliver different COTS products and integrate the tools and demonstrate methodologies. I’m confident we will build our momentum even faster, now that we have aligned our unique business with a unique name,” says Ellie Nazemoff, Acolyst’s President and CEO, “Our name and logo represents our commitment to our clients.”

Acolyst is the authority in COTS integration, delivering complete solutions in collaboration with dozens of technology manufacturers and providers who share Acolyst’s values in reliability, cost, savings, and quality. Acolyst signifies the company’s growth and expansion as we add expertise in COTS Integration to Acolyst’s history as a qualified service provider.

What Acolyst does is automate the entire process by taking different COTS application applicable to the specific client environment, making life easier for our customers and allowing them to share information, creating triggers and rules and making sure their workflow process is followed-thru based on their specific domain such as legal, financial, human resource, etc, so the customer has less headache and can focus on other important tasks that have priority.

Types of Integration

Acolyst’s approach to integration is two-folds.

1. COTS Product Integrated with Client Process and with other Application
Selected COTS product is evaluated based on specific client needs and processes. The COTS product is then customized and integrated with client’s current environment’s application.

• Ex: Case Management System Integrated with 7 other client application (Outlook, DMS, CMS, etc)

2. COTS Product Integrated to Create Application for the Market
Basic COTS products are enhanced and modified to fit specific market areas.

• Ex: Acolyst’s Data Management Suite of Product Solutions integrated with Report Writer, Template and Document capability, etc