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1.844.Acolyst ext. 103
1.844.226.5978 ext. 103

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1.844.Acolyst ext. 104
1.844.226.5978 ext. 104

Government Partner Program

1.844.Acolyst ext. 105
1.844.226.5978 ext. 105

Media Inquiries

1.844.Acolyst ext. 106
1.844.226.5978 ext. 106


1.844.Acolyst ext. 103
1.844.226.5978 ext. 103


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Acolyst Corporate Headquarters

37232 Lighthouse Road
Suite 144
Selbyville, DE 19975



Fraud Warning!

  • Acolyst does NOT purchase hardware equipment.
  • Acolyst has only one address for mailing & shipping. The address stated above.
  • Acolyst has only one domain site address, this one. If any other websites, using similar naming structure to Acolyst, routes to this website – that is phishing. Example: is a fraudulent account that routes here to Notice the double “L” in the first domain. Fraud!
  • Acolyst is owned and run by only two Nazemoff family members who have the authority to authorize and submit for credit application. (Note: we have not submitted any credit application for 2019 – we already have established partnering relationships in place.) Anyone else pretending to be related and working for or owning the business is fraud. Example: Azeez Nazemoff is a FAKE! We have no one related to us or in this business with that name!
  • Authorities have been notified and taking action!