Ms. Ellie Nazemoff,  founder, CEO and president of Acolyst for the last 25 years with authority and special status, not only guides the long-term success of the business (through her decisions and vision), but also creates the ethos and culture of the company.

Actively targeting initiatives, looking for issues then turning them into opportunities, developing strategy, and implementing change is Nazemoff’s key strength. She does this by balancing operations while adapting to the speed of changing environment. Receiving and disseminating information at all times, Nazemoff is ultimately who people turn to for answers.

One of the most important values in life to me is trust. In order to trust one must believe and have faith.

I welcome you to visit our site and to contact me directly to discuss ways we can work together with you in establishing a trusting long term relationship.


CEO / President
Ellie Nazemoff

“As CA Technologies and Acolyst have grown their partnership over the years, I have come to know Ellie as a consummate business professional and an asset to our industry,” said Adam Famularo, General Manager for CA Technologies Cloud Computing Business Unit.


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Valeh Nazemoff serves as Vice President of Acolyst where she works with executive clients, mapping and resolving their GRC & Legal matters through Business Performance Management – helping them achieve their strategic initiatives such as cloud computing, mobility and business process improvement.

She believes that

“Executives want and need to be able to monitor and execute based on strategies aligned to the organization especially when it comes to making informed decisions when sudden unplanned events occur and knowing how to respond to these changes while remaining intact with the organizational initiatives.   A basic example would be a hospital that is significantly impacted by a supply partner that has suddenly increased costs of materials.”

Valeh with a background in psychology and MBA, and has taught several business courses will be speaking and presenting at the GRC Summit in Boston, MA and CA World 2013 in Las Vegas.